Poultry boosts the French compound feed production

The last monthly business letter of COOP de France Nutrition Animale / SNIA published at the end of October 2015 explains that in August 2015, the global compound feed production registers an increased of 0,7%. This progress has been allowed by that of poultry feed as a whole (+1,5%), mainly thanks to broilers (+5,6%) and laying hens (+1,7%) feed. Whereas turkeys and palmipeds feed dropped by 4,2% and 2,8% respectively. In ruminant, if diary cows feed remains declining by 2,9%, we note a resumption of the demand in beef cattle (+7,8%), in sheep (+14,3%) and in mash (+18,1%). Swine feed dropped again of 2,9%.  
In the first 8 months of the 2015, the decline of the overall activity by 0,7% is identical to 2014. However, we observe a reversal of the trend with a decreasing of nearly 4,8% (+3% in 2014) in cattle, a decline reduction in swine (-3,7% in 2014 vs. -1,7% in 2015) and a significant increasing in poultry from -1,5% to +1,8%.

Source : Lettre mensuelle de conjoncture N°189 parue fin Octobre 2015 – COOP de France Nutrition Animale / SNIA
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