Offer of algae in France bigger than supply

The algae market in France is characterized by insufficient production for the growing demand by manufacturers. This is stated by Alcimed, a consultancy advising on Innovation and Development of New Markets.

From 2000 to 2010, worldwide algae production more than doubled, and reached more than 15 million tonnes in 2010. China is at the top of the list (62.8%), followed by Indonesia (13.7%), the Philippines (10.6%), and a tie between the Republic of Korea and Japan (2.9%). France is in 10th place in the world, with production of 70,000 tons, almost all of which is harvested in Brittany.

Because algae have several functions and applications, they are attracting a lot of interest in the agri-food sector. Worldwide, algae are used 75% in food, in the form of a dish such as sea lettuce, or as a condiment. In France, where algae are not yet rooted in the national diet, they are nevertheless more and more appreciated by food processing and agri-food companies that use them as food additives because of their properties as texture agents (emulsifiers, thickeners, stabilizers, gelling agents). They are also appreciated for their nutritional properties in foodstuffs such as food additives, oils, and drinks. Algae flours can also be used as a food additive, but the extracts are still not very economically attractive. Algae are also used in the wine, market gardening, and tree growing sectors.

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