Global challenges for the breeding of « free-from antibiotics » meat

Around 300 participants from 45 countries attended the Symposium organised by Phileo last Autumn in Rome (Italy).

Despite income inequalities, consumers are all keen on poultry and pig breeding which are antibiotics-free. And this is reinforced by the following fact. With the development of their purchasing power, poorer populations (such as in China) increases their meat consumption. « In the next 10 years, meat consumption should increase by 13% and go from 312 to 352.7 tons » says Osler Desouzart, Bresilian consultant at OD Consulting. In Europe, the meat that will be most in demand is poultry (40.6%°, followed by pork (23.4%), beef (18.8%) and goat (17.2%). In Italy, one of the largest consumers of antibiotics in Europe, Coop Italia has launched a strategy to adapt the business to consumers’ concerns and their request for more « antibiotics-free » meat. The strategy focuses on producing antibiotics-free animals by bettering their well-being and developing good practices in terms of breeding says Chiara Faenza.

Maeva Jegou, Filieres avicoles, March 2018
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