Animal feed was well represented again at the Space this year, with over 200 exhibitors in this category. In terms of innovations, Denkavit was awarded a price for its piglet product.

On the side of service companies, the hallways were buzzing with the news of ADM buying out Neovia. What will happen for the organisation of the service companies of the group, Inzo, Prisma and Evialis? Time is gone when service companies were putting new products on the market to compete with each other. Today they all follow a clear path focusing on their key competences: historic partnerships, specific know-how, offer positioning and so on.

On another segment, companies offering additives and ingredients are planning big. Natural ingredients are still showcased, but an increased demand focused on knowing more about raw materials used to extract additives is influencing this trend. The aim is to skim the industry and suspicious additives.

Finally, on the side of raw materials supply, the trend of the year focuses on organic and OGM-free products.

La revue de l’alimentaiont animale, October 2018, n. 720
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