Meat-market : who are the French consumers ?

According to a survey from IFOP, the share of consumers eating meat very often has gone down by 7 points in 3 years. On the plus side, the share of consumers eating meat often (several times a week) has gone up by +2 points in 3 years. Only 11% of the people surveyed say they eat meat two to three times a month or less.

While the proportion of men tend to eat more meat than women (97% vs 94%), 23% of women say they eat meat every day or so vs 18% of men. The age group under 35 years old also consume more meat: 28% against 18% for the over 35+ age group. 4% say they never eat meat. This proportion goes up to 6% for the women category and 11% for the age group 18-24.

While consumption of meat is going down, imports are key in this sector as France is only able to provide 50% of the market.

Frederic Carluer-Lossouarn, Lineaires n.351, November 2018
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