Organic products put their stamp on the petfood sector

“Petfood is like babyfood: people are ready to tighten their belts to offer the best food to their cats or dogs, while they would not do the same for themselves” says Yarrah’s Business Manager Yves Morliere. And data comfort this observation: with €1.88 bn turnover (and up to €3.7bn when taking into account specialised networks, vets and e-commerce sites) dogs and cats food is by far the biggest category of the savoury segment in Hyper & Supermarkets. Amongst the many Purina’s products launches this year, Beyond is of particular interest. Born in 2017, this brand is finally making organic products part of the petfood’s offer. “47% of the growth in FMCG-Fresh self-service come from organic products, and products labelled organic-farming grew by 24% in 2018, it is time to get started on petfood” says Annik Muller Distribution Business Unit Director. “In the petfood sector, natural products’ turnover (which include organic products) represent only €30m on a market worth around €2bn. However, the natural segment grew by 86% in 2018” she says. For the moment, organic petfood represent less than 1% of the market, however it should develop and get more and more segmented to respond to consumers' demands (organic, cereal-free, singled-protein…)

By Laurence Zombek, 13th March 2019
crédit photo : Marco Verch
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