Petfood: New tendancies in a complex but growing market

Today the petfood market represents around 55,5 Billions of dollars worldwide, In 2025 it will grow up to 75.

Half of the French households have a pet, it’s none less than 14 Million cats and 7,4 of dogs for the whole territory. And the number is increasing, 3% of the people asked has planned to buy a cat or a dog for 2019.

Those carnivorous animals need adapted, and specialized feed, furthermore owners tend to adapt their pets consume habit in order with their owns. New recipes based on new aliment like insect proteins, koji mushroom or cereal develop in Europe and France. Those new products are popular among pets owner because they want an alternative to meat protein sources.

Petfood follow closely the human food trend, indeed 87% of pets owners declare that fed their pets without artificial nutriments, colorants or preservatives is important for their dog or cat health. They also agree that finding those kinds of petfood can be harsh, more visibility and transparency will represent a new challenge.

The retailer Petco declare “70% of the millennials are more inclined to look for and buy natural ingredients based petfood”, the problem is that it’s not necessarily clear and transparent for them to find natural labelled petfood.

Indeed, the Federal Drug Administration has investigated on some new petfood “without carbs” and a correlation seems to have been found between those foods and dog’s heart diseases.

Petfood market is evolving and growing no matter what but the ones that will face dilemmas and analyse correctly new needs will surely take advantage of the situation.
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