The Chinese swine pest pandemic and its impact on the global market

With more than 30 kg of pork consumed per person each year, China represents almost half of the world's demand. So, since the beginning of the swine fever pandemic, the production has dropped in China.  

This situation impacts the whole sector of pork production. Indeed, the EU has increased its exportation to China of about 20% to 30% and the French pork price increase of about 24% since March.  Good news for pork meat producers but a clear challenge for the French delicatessen producers and the others branch players.

Other direct consequence, China will significantly reduce their consumption of Soja. Indeed, half of the usage is for pig production so knowing China buys two-thirds of the world’s production, it is likely that the entire soja supply chain will be impacted, new distribution channels are to be sought on this side.



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