UFAB: a new storage silo with a capacity of 1200 tonnes

UFAB's (French Union of Organic Agriculture) new storage silo, inaugurated on 4 October, provides efficient and innovative storage facilities to meet needs and develop new business opportunities. It represents an investment of nearly seven million euros for this new facility, which has a potential of 4,000 hectares.

The UFAB currently produces nearly 95,000 tonnes, mainly for laying hens, pigs and ruminants, and works with a total of 1,500 farmers (services, feed purchases or collection).  The vast majority of the raw materials they store today are for their animal feed’s plant located in Noyal-sur-Vilaine. However, they are now able to handle food products supplied by external producers.

On this new weighbridge, samples can be taken from each bucket using an automatic probe to determine the level of impurity and the proportion of each raw material in a mixture.

Its sorting room is equipped with a mini-cleaner/sorter with three outlets, one for impurities and the other two for separated products. In the silo, each raw material passes through a moisture meter and the weight of straw cereals and wheat protein levels are monitored so that the prices paid by the producer can be determined. A list of steps must also be followed according to different criteria to control the risks of GMOs, pesticides or mycotoxins that could be a reason for rejection. But everything was thought out on the site since one of its innovation allows to manage an infected batch independently of the silo.

For more than three years now, manufacturing on the UFAB sites has been growing at an annual rate of more than 15%. In ten years, the number of organic farms has tripled in the region and today represents 11.5% of Brittany’s farms. This silo is an organic showcase for the commune of Châteaubourg (35) and the sector. They receive positive feedback from organic farmers satisfied to have such a tool close to their farm.

UFAB emphasizes flexibility, hygiene and health safety on its site. This is why the site has specific equipment approved for food use.

Expansion projects are still announced for 2020.

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