An increase of price is expected in the next coming months

According to François Cholat, President of SNIA (French national syndicate for the feed industry), the difficulties caused by the Covid-19  will lead to an increase in prices in the next coming months. If the supply in terms of quality and quantity has been maintained, it was not without big challenges to face like the supply of raw materials and transport scarcity which have often led to significant additional costs.

There have also been significant price movements on vitamins and micro-nutrients, most of which are produced in China. The cost of biotin has even risen eightfold. 

Amongst difficulties was also the compliance with the (technical) specifications required by the sector, particularly for the non-GMO specification. The decline in crushing due the transport breakdown has led to a lack of availability of non-GMO rapeseed. 
In addition, professionals were also confronted with customers not able to pay or with social issues due to the lockdown. 

These difficulties will logically have an impact on animal feed prices, with effects starting in July, but we don't know yet how to measure the impacts, said the President of the SNIA. 

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