The animal feed market in great shape

The animal feed ingredients industry in France is in great shape, despite the covid-19 crisis. Indeed, the overall French production of compound feed is up by 4.1%.

This increase is mainly driven by cattle feed +6.2%, with good results in other segments: sheep and goats +6.1%, pig feed +5.7%, and poultry sector + 2.2% (mainly driven by egg-laying chicken feed +8.3% and turkey feed +6.6%). 
This strong increase was only partially impacted by the covid-19 crisis. After a week or two of adjustment, the animal trade sector has bounced back and demonstrated its resilience. Thanks to the involvement of all, a regular and qualitative supply of livestock has been maintained.

The synergy between the animal feed chain and farmers has also been well maintained thanks to the confidence of the mains operators and the overall hard work.

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