The bovines and ovines meat markets post-lockdown

Bovines prices are rising in all European Union member states and especially in France thanks to the reopening of fast foods restaurants and French catering market. 

After falling until Easter due to the lockdown, the French quotation recovered to particularly high levels. The lack of supply in France, combined with reduced sheepmeat imports, is lightening the market and causing prices to rise.

In France, inflows have continued to decline seasonally since mid-April. Livestock farmers, whose herds are reduced overall, have visibly taken on board the moderation messages sent by many collectors. After a relatively buoyant first quarter, growth in collection in the EU27+UK declined in April. While only one-third of the countries recorded a year-on-year decline in production, almost all the others recorded a slowdown in production between March and April. 

The upward trend in goat cheese sales seemed to run out of steam before lockdown, but the goat dairy industry saw its demand for self-service shelves boosted during the crisis.

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