Essential oils or natural extracts: 5 tips for choosing your additive

1. "Essential oils", oleoresins, identical nature, what are the differences?
The plant extracts authorised on the European market have very varied chemical compositions and highly complementary modes of action. The composition of the products depends on the mode of extraction and the variability of the active ingredient. Choosing a highly standardised extraction process results in more regular products and therefore more consistent effects. But no matter which product you choose, you will be faced with a complex and fluctuating reality. To deal with this complexity, one should not hesitate to mix extracts and play with their synergies to broaden their spectrum of action (consistency) or lower their concentration (cost of treatment).

2. The supplier’s experience
The involvement of a company in an industry association such as FEFANA (EU Association ofspecialty feed ingredients and their mixtures)is a guarantee of reliability in the choice of its additive. 

3. Galenic formulation
The oropharyngeal sphere for neurosensory products: if you want to bring an attractive functionality to the food: functional flavouring, or reducing the perception of psychosocial stress: sensory additive
The digestive sphere for products with physiological action: If one wishes to use the regulating properties of the bacterial flora of certain essential oils

4. Tests of resistance to the food manufacturing process
several tests must be carried out throughout the process: granulation test, stability, stability during transport conditions, etc.

5. The final judge remains the animal
The animal behaviour can teach a lot: Observing the animal's behaviour gives indications on its well-being and is a indicator of future performance: loyalty to the food and the absence of refusal, increasing the resting and rumination time of dairy cows, reduced nervousness and scratching in poultry, reduction of diarrhea with piglets
To make the right choice, let's trust the end user: the animal!

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