The growth of the e-commerce in the petfood industry

E-commerce is becoming increasingly important in the pet food market. Year after year, the segment is gaining market share and represents 12% of sales to date.

In France, the petfood market is enjoying continued growth in the online sales segment. In fact, e-commerce represents €460 million (€280 million for dog food, €180 million for cat food), out of the €3,3 bn for all channels. 

The pure player, Zooplus, remains the leader ( 200 M of sales just for one player) and is the tenth largest site in France in terms of market share, according to the Ekommerce panel. For Amazon too, the petfood market remains key for their development, even more if we consider the segment growth rate (4 points per year), and the loyalty of the consumers to their brand. 
Another e-petfood challenger, Croquetteland, finished the 2019 financial year with a double-digit growth. According to the site's operational manager, the growth of petfood is mainly driven by the web. The market share of the online market rose to 12% compared to 1% in 2010. And the potential has not been reached yet, estimated at 20%

Thus, e-petfood is now becoming a major player. Maxi Zoo, leader in physical pet stores' trade (200 points of sale in France), is now investigating this segment with the launch of the Maxi Zoo merchant site. 

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