Recovery plan : supporting irrigation to combine climate change adaptation and food security

This year, after the driest July since 1959, French farmers harvested 20% less grain than last year.

French agriculture minister, Julien Denormandie, announced that "a significant part of the agricultural component of the recovery plan" would be devoted to "adapting farms to climate change". In particular for "better use of the resource by helping to invest in equipment for optimised use of water resources".

"This is imperative if we want to preserve agricultural activity at the heart of our territories" and "accelerate the agro-ecological transition", said the minister.

However, this project has its limits :

  • Risk of drying up the deep water table and the « middle » around reservoirs ;

  • Irrigated crops, such as water-hungry maize, calling for a shift towards plants that are better adapted to drought.

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