Animal welfare : still a blurred reality for consumers


Already important, societal debates on livestock have been rekindled by the health crisis and consumers are increasingly concerned about the impact of their consumption on biodiversity loss and the spread of disease. With a referendum for animals and a bill in favour of animal welfare, French livestock farming is being asked to review its organisation, which is considered too "industrial", even though the notion of animal welfare remains, in its concrete translation, little known by French consumers.

Livestock farming is now being called into question, in particular with questions about environmental impacts and the link with pandemics. French pepoples want a rapid change towards a sustainable society, and nearly 60% of them want to take urgent action against climate change, but most of them have a lack of knowledge of the breeding activity. This is why it is important to inform the population about the practices already put in place by livestock breeders. For exemple, the use of antibiotics has already been reduced by 37% since 2012.

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