A new european common agricultural policy (CAP)

In 2018, the European Commission has made its legislative and financial proposals for the reform of the CAP. Planned for 2021, i twill be postponed in 2022 or 2023.
Due to Covid-19, an agreement has been made in july 2020 on the recovery plan. The CAP budget was announced with a strong decrease but the decrease will not be as much as expected.
386.7 billions will be dedicated to the PAC between 2021 and 2027 for the 27 eurpoean members, when 380 billions was dedicated between 2014 and 2020. The budget remain stable. This amount is expressed in current euros, i.e. that it does not take inflation into account. As a result, we’re expecting a decrease of 1 to 4% in the budget.
200€ per hectare
In France, the first piller of the CAP is suffering a decline. Each european countries must have a minimal amount of support of 200€ in 2022 and 215€ in 2027. As France already benefits from higher amounts than the others countries, it’s not a good news. However, the second piller in revalued for France, thanks in particular to the recovery plan strengthening the ecological transition.
More proteins
The 2018 proposal must be rethought in order to participate in achieving the objectives of the European Green Pact. The proposal must also participate in the actions in favour of the climate and the environment provided in the recovery plan. Agriculture must participate by reducing inputs, developing organic farming and preserving landscape elements and biodiversity. The recovery plan includes : encouraging protein production, financing carbon and High Environmental Value (HVE) assessments, strengthening organic farming and helping farmers adapt to climate change.
The new CAP will be one of the major instruments to achieve these objectives.

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