Space 2021 will be held over 3 days

Anne-Marie Quéméner, space commissioner general, and Marcel Denieul, president of the show, affirmed their will to organize SPACE in 2021. The show would be held over 3 days at Rennes Show center and the fourth day will become a digital event.

In an uncertain sanitary context, Marcel Denieul and Anne-Marie Quéméner announced their willingness to organise the Space in 2021. Registration for the show will be open from 21 January and it will be possible to register until 2 April. "It takes eight months to organise the show, so we must take the lead and we are launching registrations now," the organisers said at a press conference. The organisers believe that, given the arrival of vaccination, the health situation should make it possible to hold the exhibition next September. The 2021 edition will take place over three days, from 14 to 17 September 2021; the fourth day will be devoted to digital events. Cattle competitions will be maintained, as will all the traditional events at the show. The closing time on Thursday is delayed and set at 8 pm. The abolition of Friday is the result of exhibitor demand, with a drop in attendance on Friday, which represented around 12% of the total number of visitors.

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